The Bata Shoe Museum is grateful to the IFFTI Conference and Ryerson University for giving us the opportunity this year to host the International Shoe Design Competition, an arena for young talent from every corner of the world. Fostering creativity is an important component of our Museum’s mandate and this project certainly matched our expectations!

The Bata Shoe Museum, with its collections and interpretive work, represents a unique tool for the next generations of designers, a source of inspiration to shape and reinvent the future of footwear and fashion. The competition and this website, in which the twenty top designs as selected by the jury are featured, have the same objective.

The works submitted represented the majority of fashion schools affiliated with IFFTI: four different continents yielded a brilliant, diverse crowd of young designers eager to take on the challenge. We were very impressed by their work and happy to see such a great response.

The international jury was composed of Jeanne Beker, Host of Fashion TV and Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Quarterly Magazine; Harold Koda, Curator in chief of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Christian Louboutin, Shoe Designer, and Sonja Bata, Founding Chairman of the Bata Shoe Museum.
A great thank you to our jurors for their enthusiasm and the time they spared for our competition - a true labour of love!

But above all we'd like to thank all the entrants who shared their passion, their visions and their expertise with us.